10 of coins

Card speaks of:// no worries you have family money

Card whispers of:// the help and support of the good old boy’s network, you scratch my back ill scratch yours

all your material needs are met, and you even have a little mad money on a regular basis, riches, home, domestic matters, positive home changes, happy family, solidity, permanent in health, financial security, happy healthy home, gains based on tried and true methods, family security, lord of wealth, a card of material good fortune denoting wealth riches and prosperity, and indicates successful business transactions or other good luck in financial matters, it covers everything having to do with lasting affluence, property matters, and permanent of any kind, finally it suggests the help and support of something similar to the old boys’ network,

through material objects appear solid they are in fact fugitive, material prosperity and riches old age striving for gain wealth and security, solid foundation dignified circumstances, success and prosperity, the solid ground under your feet, greed, the completion of human goals or the peak of earthly happiness.

magick uses://
10 of coins – family wealth use when you need to discover tried-and-true methods of running a business used to invoke the privileges of the old boy’s network

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