10 of swords

10 of swords

Card speaks of:// with a little help you can do anything

Card whispers of :// you begiun to see the results of your actions, the good or bad depending on the action

with a little help you really can make it through anything that the gods put in your way, no it is that bad, misfortune defeat, loss failure, pain,

desolation beyond tears, alternatively evils or misfortunes which are over,
you see the physical results of your action, their pleasantness

or unpleasantness depending on the action, at worst ruin, failure of a project disaster, and defeat at best disruption of present plans, which can be saved though a combination of hard work and enterprise

on occasion it can indicate sudden physical misfortune, such as an accident or a mugging or being the recipient of a drug

the mind has let go of all control and whirls in torment and madness, reason divorces from reality, death failure. Disaster yet not entirely with out hope, disruption, idle chatter,

clever eloquent insolent person, imperfect yet with mirth, spirituality may herald the end of dissolution, final stroke abandonment and separation as an act of liberation, adverse end ruin catastrophe violence conclusion end of a cycle,

magick uses://swords -use when you seem to B outnumbered and there is no way you can win using right when you could use a little unexpected help