the hanged man

card speaks of :// seeker may have knowledge, but is unable to put to knowledge to use

card whispers of:// sacrifice is not a loss but giving up something to get something better in return

suspense, life interrupted, change, wisdom in occult matters, sacrifice for wisdom, inner search for truth, change in your point of view, giving something up in order to get something better in return,

self-sacrifice, a need for direction, and understanding and searching for those things, seeker may be knowledgably but unable to put the knowledge to use, willing sacrifice, sacrifice is not viewed as a loss but an exchange of energies,

we are energies beings in a physical body, does not coal burn, someone who is willing to minister to others at the sacrifice of their own well being, met, doctor, the local minister in a gang war zone, will fight for the rights of other but will rarely fight for their own rights, they can be stubborn when going after needed supplies,

it signifies trial tribulation, loss, self denial, personal sacrifice, in the company of other negative cards it means ,scandal, misreprenstation, and victimization

the ankh of immortality, redemption threw sacrifice, suffering, sacrifice and devotion acceptance of destiny and search for deeper meaning, redemption maturity finding wisdom the redemptive absorption the yogi doing a headstand the enlightened person, overcoming the ego, changing one’s ways, standstill resistance self-sacrifice, being struck hanginge in the air not seeing a purpose in life new view on the world

magick uses://
12 the Hanged Man
Use reverse card in rights in which you need to be able to make sence of anything and everything in the world around you


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