Queen of cups

The card speaks of://new love interest, a loving and beautiful woman, kind but not too energetic, will help as long as she does not get hurt in the process

Card whispers of :// the more you think about your wish the more you want it and you are starting to formulate a plan of how to get it

A soft vouchering mother figure, perhaps a bit too protective. Kind but not energetic. Will help if it is not at all too taxing, good insight, love, gentleness.

A new love interest

that which is indicated by the card modified is in the stage of emotional concept feelings about the card modified and what it represents have begun, imaginative, but inclined to daydream capable of deep affection he is a woman whose love and understanding the seeker can count on, though she is rarely in a position to offer any real aid to the seeker, of strong moral convection; often an inspiration to others.

The water of water, a woman who reflects the nature of the observer dreamy tranquil poetic imaginative kind yet not willing to take too much trouble for another, she is much affected by surrounding influences, therefore, more dependant than most other cards on good or ill dignity, passive and receptive quality of water, earning, the boundaries between dream and reality, medical knowledge, inner wisdom, intuitive understanding, depth of experience, vagueness dreaminess,. Irrationality, the wisdom of the feminine the ocean of the collective unconscious

magick uses://

using help and the formation of the creative or a new love interest to represent someone who wants to help but can not the queen of the thrones of water

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