The empress

Card speaks of:// an older woman who is building a life for herself and family

Card whispers of // new love, and possible pregnancy

The great multiplier, a new love interest, pregnancy, fertility, good advice, an older woman, security, a competent woman, safe and secure, someone who is building a future for herself and family, the seeker is almost at the end of a project or cycle, restrictions are removed

fertility, unselfish love, the love of a mother for her children, as well as strong devotional impulses to the higher powers, the totally fulfilled female, love, empathy, growth, domestic happiness, pleasant events in a family circle including visitors, and a new baby, people coming to stay,

venus, a woman in all-embracing receptivity, incarnate womanhood, love beauty happiness pleasure, success fruitfulness good fortune, elegance gentleness, devotion and motherhood,, birth, mother nature, the positive side of the earthly mother, love lust, trust growth, touch merging fulfillment, stepmother ot the destructive mother greed avarice by self-indulgence inflexibility, fondness of the body, sensuality, love of abundance security safeness revealing that which is new

magick uses://

3 the Empress
A new baby a new love home security if you are a woman success

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