Home made hand sanitizer

The reason for this post is simple the coronavirus is spreading every so slowly and people around my home town are going nuts…

As of this writing there are at least three cases in Viirginia my homestate and there are two of them just up the road from me in northen virginia …

there are more in sothen virginia but what is making the dmv go crazy is the fact that according to google there is A CONFIRMED 19 CASES across Maryland, Washington DC and Norhtern Virginia…

honestly I came across this recipe in a Facebook group but I have seen varaitions across the internet…..I will add my own twist to the recipe in order to make it mine

basic hand sinatizer recipe

2/3 cup 100 proof vodka or high content rubbing alchol or witch hazel

1/3 cup aloe vera gel

essential oils to make smell good my choice is dragons blood other choices include the following these oils are found in the famous 4 thieves oil which is known for fight off germs and stuffs like that, rosemary, lemon. garlic, cinnamon, eucalyptus and clove

mx well and bottle in sainted containers

easy peasy lemon squeezy



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