Prince of swords

Card speaks of:// a warrior young and strong who will soon play an important role in your life

Card whispers of:// a practice solution to a problem, the idea has happened form by the action

a soldier, ems worker, cop–who is heroic and brave, righteous anger, triumph over any opposition, practice solution to a problem, a little arrogant, sharp tong, quick wit, that which is indicated by the card modified has taken shape in action, the results are forming and may well manifest and come to the physical planet, a regular ideas man, full of plots and plans,

for a better future for himself and the world, for though he intends to get on in life, his schemes may also benefit mankind, he is also an inventor. He is inventive and resourceful, yet cautious, and suspicious, of others motives, a firm friend and yet is also an equally firm enemy

, a young man purely intellectual full of ideas and designs domineering intensely clever but unstable of purpose with an elusive and elastic mind supporting various contradictory opinions, he slays as fast as he creates, the restriction of the scientific outlook which uses but limits the imagination, erratic changes, search for the perceptive and solutions cutting through bonds and overcoming obstacles hastiness shortsightedness

destructiveness inventive spirit babbleing ideas and though

also may represent travel by air, and be the significator card for a first responder, you know the cop, firefighter, EMT, ems, security guard, military…or anyone in general who will run toward danger while others are running away from it…

magick uses://
Prince of swords the card of the warrior used when you and me a in anything the Prince of Thrones air a guardian angel type person when needed, also used to protect the first responder


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