4 of coins
Card speaks of:// it really is ok to c=take care of home first then donate to charity

Card whispers of:// being thrifty is the new in/home security

Being thrifty, miserliness, greed, selfishness, avarice, suspicion, mistrust, in ability to let go of anything, safety security, your house in order, financial security, health, your body achieving its correct archetype

lord of earthly power denotes a gain of money or influence or even both at times. It can signify a present or a promotion, or occasionally a windfall or a gift of money that compensates the seeker for previous loses

the perfect government of the universe by law and order, law and order, a gain of money and influence, earthly power but nothing beyond, success, rank, skill in the direction of physical forces, security, fixation stability, completion of earthly power, through condensation of strength,

imperturbability compulsively stubbornness stagnation the strengthing and all-dominating power

magick uses://
4 of coins – to consolidate your power to ensure a safe home life to make sure you have enough money to pay your bills


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