the chariot

card speaks of:// no worries mate ill get you there, though the road may be bumpy you will get there in one piece

card whispers of:// news from a far

news from afar, work and travel, purpose, trouble or problems fall behind, triumph, harmony, balance, controlling the forces that might conflict and making them work, seeker may understand or at least accept karma, and sees the breaking down necessary to remove the debit,

the soul on the path to spiritual attainment, the forward thrust of evolution, implies the protection of the higher powers, yet does not imply a trouble free ride, it only promises safe eventual arrival, ambition he will to attain, to make something of one’s talents, this person will first attend to their own needs and ambitions then turn their minds to others,

victory over troubles, triumph over enemies and obstacles, success in any area of the spread, in the results it predicts success and happiness in the matter inquired about even though the other cards may be negative and unhelpful

charioteer is the spirit, chariot is the body, triumph victory hope, obedience, faithfulness, health, success through sometimes not enduring, desire for conquest, spirit of adventure, daring, the hero setting off, the forces setting off the path that leads forwards the searching

for and finding one’s own place in this world, high handedness megalomania, ultimate failure because of obstacles, victory over ones self, self knowledge, overcoming ones self, victory
magick uses://
7 the chariot
Use when in need of news from afar when you need a little help getting there because you will always get there eventually with the charioteer driving the charioteer is your holy guardian angel

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