the devil

card speaks of:// challenges which you must face, a choice on which your fate depends

card whispers:// have faith you can overcome any native situation that comes your way

have faith you can overcome any negative situation that comes your way, acceptance of that which cannot be proved or acting on faith, greed, the monkey trap, lust, bondage to an ideal, bad or evil influence or advise, dissolution, a choice on which your fate depends,

wanting only material possessions, it is rare when someone can distinguish good and evil on the first try that is why we learn the lesson over and over again, temptation a test which is only passed by overcoming the negative pulses within our selves, inertia, or the desire to remain as we are, of clinging to uncomfortable situations because of the fear of making things worse, delays to success, obesities which must be overcome, followed by positive cards it indicates an unpleasant invoke, in the results position is an ill omen of failure to anything inquired about, at its most unfortunate it indicates a loss, with the appropriate cards it can presage illness

spiral force in nature wanton creation, blind impulse, irresistibly strong and unscrupulous person ambition uncontrolled, temptation obsession secret plan about to be executed hard work endurance, achieving discontent, fate strong incentive and suggestive power lust for power but also the fight against evil, black magick ritualized sexuality, ego transformation through group rituals reversed the inquisition which burned people mostly women as witches in the name of god the encounter of the shadow the sum of unlived possibilities, perception of true complete self Lucifer as the bringer of light wisdom and understanding, fateful entanglements self-destructive drives hell darkness dark powers collective hysteria the power constantly wanting evil and continuously creating that which is good

magick uses://
15 the devil used when you need to be able to get past a test used to get the proverbial monkey off your back


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