the emperor

the emperor

card speaks of:// victory is yours
card wispers of:// seeker needs to seek or is seeking wisdom

A father figure, secure and successful, a stable authorities and powerful leader, a person with the quality’s of reason and convection, alpha male, stubborn and kind, logic and reason win arguments with him, wise counselor, the seeker should or does indeed seek wisdom

Authority and displace, self-discipline, athleticism, freedom threw obedience, the worthy opponent and the petty tyrant. ambition rooted in stability, energy, capacity, self-control,

definite quality’s of leadership are present, someone who sees marriage as a working partnership, a man who lets his wife discipline the children because he fears he may go too far,
someone who will act as protector and mentor, to the seeker sometimes not an actual person but the higher powers (dagda, tyr or

horous) promotion, any increase in personal power or influence, added responsibility, victory and winning that plum job that everybody and their brother wants, loyalty as in you scratch my back ill scratch yours

rule through unyielding law and order, creative dominating force, war conquest victory, strife, stability power, government, energy ambition rulership of mind over nature, justice and order, as opposed to arbitrariness and chaos, the structuring red thread, creativity, perception stability, perspective realism objectivity, sence of responsibility, high handedness perfectionism cleverness without intuition the restriction of reality rationality as a prison, order as an end in itself, courage leadership ability
magick uses://
4 the EmperorVictory is yours , getting that plush office, the choice job is yours, winning a competition, the worthy opponent and the oppressive overlord
use with high john the conqueror to aid in manifesting anything in your rites



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