the king of swords

king of swords

card speaks of :// an arrogant man who seems to always have all the right answers to everyone’s questions no matter the subject

card whispers of :// you have an idea for something but have yet to take the 1st step to bring it into reality

he is arrogant, and not happy unless he is boss, intelligent strong-willed man is indicated, quick wit sharp tong, that which is represented by the card modified is in the stage of the creative urge,

the seeker may have determined what step to take, but has not taken the first step, the seed of action is chosen, clever and swerved, certainly subtitle, and generally

a skilful talker to boot, something of a raconteur and wit, a real smart ass, he can generally get what he wants by asking for it, esp. since he has the right answers to everybody’s questions and he knows how to get his points across with tact and finesse

fire of air, a man active skilful and clever fierce delicate and courageous, but often unreflective, the embodiment of all the winds of the heavens, activity astuteness intelligence and a thirst for knowledge the spirit of the storm winds born, intellectual strategies keenness of thought that deserves

things as they are and changes them, enlightenment, scientific methodology intellectual agility good merchant mentality eloquence power of discernment…too much emphasis on the mind, emotional coldness, biting and cynical criticism dazzling ambiguity, fickle instability, the snare of thinking, mental power

magick uses://
swords – another card of the warrior when you need to cut the crap talk choose a ball and help the boss be friendly towards you he is willing to learn and grow and be an angel on your shoulder


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