The portable alter set up

This is a picture of my portable money alter.

The main reason I guess is simple I have house mates and honestly I do not feel comfortable having a perminate alter set up In my house. this set up is basically have magick will travel type thing.

I have heard the portable alter set up is basically tactical in use. remember have magick will travel, this alter will easialy fit in my back pack or even a pure.

The list that follows is a list of things that can go into a portable alter set up , you can pic and choose, or even come up wit come ideas of your own.

  • I recommend that you at least a small representation of each of the elements that you intend to work with ….. in mine I have a candle for fire, a picture of a fish for water, a used ecig cartage for air and for earth I have a small wooden button with a 5 pointed star with is also my panticle
  • this alter also contains a small mojo bag, because is dedicated to money, to aid my money magick efforts
  • things you can add
  • a feather
  • a small screwdriver, that represents my athame
  • lighter
  • a tea light candle [the most under rated candle … ever, isware it works well and is the perfect general all purpose candle that can fit in your pocket ]
  • a bag of salt that you get from a restruant



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